Advent calendars handmade from handwoven 100% cotton, and numbers hand embroidered on 24 pockets to help you and your loved ones share the fun and countdown to Christmas.


Each calendar is solely made by a single artisan, allowing them to take pride and ownership of their work and giving each banner its own look.


Based in Sri Lanka, these women artisans and weavers work in clean safe and respectful studio/workshop environments where all materials are ethically sourced and all products ethically made.


Exact colours may vary.  If you have a main colour, or tassle, preference then please let me know.  Colour options are blue, red, organce, pink or green but are limited to availability.


  • Height: 29" (fabric portion only) / 32" (top of fabric portion to bottom tassel)
  • Width: 7" (top bar with fabric covering) / 21" (bottom fabric portion)
  • Cord Drop: hanging cord can be adjusted up to a 12" drop (due to the handmade nature, some cords may vary in length and not give as long of a drop)
  • Pocket Size: 3"x3" for days 1 to 20 / 4 ½"x4 ½" for days 21 to 24

Advent Calendar