Minimum Order: 100 Straws


Stamp your brand on these bamboo straws to sell in your online shop, give out as a free sales add-on, or use them in your tastings and events as a customer take away. So many possibilities. A great way to get your brand in to the homes of your customers.


Not only would offering bamboo straws show your consciousness for the environment, but bamboo is the strongest and most sustainable plant in the world. It grows so fast that it’s the perfect option for an alternative to plastic straws, and a great addition to the drinks you serve.


Straws are available in the following lengths: 15cm, 20cm, or 25cm


Cost per unit includes branding but shipping and any import duties would be an additional cost.


Straws sourced from Bali.

Branded Straws

  • Please contact us directly to discuss your needs and final costings before placing your order:

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