Created with cattle horn and bullet brass, these charm bracelets have the beautiful peace symbol of a dove to enhance it's appeal.


After two decades of war, one in every 250 Cambodians is disabled, and the proportion of amputees - one in every 384 people - is the highest in the world.


Brass jewellery, hand made from bullets, helps transform the scars of war into the beauty of peace.


Local artisans use this brass to create fashionable jewellery as statements for peace. This symbolic jewellery takes the scars of a country's horrific history and turns them into something beautiful whilst, at the same time, offering a more positive future.


The jewellery shows a creative reaction to violent conflict, a way of reminding us of the impressive strength that lies within so many and tells the story of a country rebuilding itself out of the ashes of war.

Bullet Brass and Horn Peace Bracelet - Cambodia


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