Meet Our Makers... Up-cycled Bullet Jewellery

March 31, 2017

Who creates the beautifully symbolic statements of peace born out of a horrific history found at Six Degrees Boutique?





Our charity partner in Cambodia has eight artisans  up-cycling bomb casing to create beautifully unique jewellery in their homes, in an underprivileged community approximately 45 minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


These artisans create their simple and unique jewellery by recycling bullets and bomb casings, which have been left all over from Cambodia's wartime three decades ago, thus providing an income to their families. 


Whilst the history of Cambodia cannot be changed, this jewellery offers an opportunity for the future by diverting from landfill, and giving fair trade employment to local artisans and marginalised individuals.





Own a piece of history and wear a constant reminder of the importance of playing your part in creating a peaceful future.





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