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Meet Our Makers ... Up-cycling Old Sacks to Create Unique Accessories

Meeting the people you are helping change the lives of by buying from

Six Degrees Boutique.

SREY MACH, 34 years old

Lives in, Kom Pong Cham Province, Cambodia

Ms Srey Mach worked in a factory until 2002. It was sweated labour and very difficult at this factory. In 2002 she went to attend a ceremony at a temple and tragically on the way she stepped on a mine . The explosion left her badly injured and she lost one of her legs. Srey Mach lost her job and her hope after the accident but with the support of friends and family she found the strength to continue on.

In 2004, she learned to sew bags and wallets. Initially she sewed some bags as piece work for Peace NGOs then in 2005 she began working as as a teacher teaching children at a health care centre how to sew. In 2009 she found employment training amputees to sew bags and wallets.

Finally she found Craftworks Cambodia and started her own small business producing eco-friendly silk bags, wallets and other items.

The support of the customers, those people who support fair trade or are conscious consumers, those that buy her products through Six Degrees Boutique help change the life of Srey Mach and all the others like her.

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