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Meet Our Makers... Tabaka Chigware Youth Group, Kenya

We are so excited to be expanding our list of fair trade suppliers by starting to stock the beautiful soapstone products from Tabaka Chigware.

The organization began life in the 1996 with 40 artisans with a goal to secure a sustainable income stream for their community, ensuring food, shelter, medical facilities, education for their children, and clear water to drink.

A small family community, Tabak Chigware produces the most tactile soapstone carvings and gifts.

Each piece is individually hand carved, waxed polished or painted. The finished product is simply beautiful.

The aim of the group is to raise funds by sales ensuring all children in the community and surrounding area have access to Education, shelter and medical care.

Shop our range of soapstone paperweights here.

What is Soapstone?

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock and the softest mineral on earth. In a powder form it is Talc and is used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, sculptures, and everyday items such as toothpaste, baby powder and even chewing gum.

In its natural state, soapstone can almost look like a marble with greys, browns, and even greens, making carvings even more interesting in their look and appeal.

Due to the soft nature of the stone, extra care needs to be taken as it can be easily damaged.

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