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Meet Bullet Jewellery Maker, Mr Chanla

Recently myself and my daughters had the opportunity to be invited in to the home of Mr Chanla, the bullet jewellery artisan who creates the range of exquisite jewellery pieces that we stock at Six Degrees.

Mr Chanla was 15 years old when he began making jewellery as part of a social initiative to train and employ young people in Phnom Penh. He has been working with Craftworks Cambodia since 2008 and creates his pieces in his own own home. He creates his own designs with his favourite item to make being pendants.

I was so humbled whilst chatting with Mr Chanla to discover that it is through being a bullet artisan he can afford to send both his daughters to school (aged 10 and 13).

Not only that but, with the money he earns, he has also started a Sunday Ministry in his home for local children in his community who are left at home alone whilst their parents go to work.

My heart is beyond full knowing that I am doing my part to make a positive impact on a beautiful family, and also to a larger community.

Yet another reason that Cambodia is my third home.

Check out the range of bullet jewellery and help positively impact Mr Chanla, his family, and his local community at:

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