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Meet Our Makers……From Kenya with Love

Six Degrees is excited to now be working with Dorostel International, a social enterprise set up by Dorothy Tarro, in her home village in Kenya, in 1994.

Having grown up surrounded by poverty, she made a pledge to herself that she would do what she could to empower to local women to become self reliant and earn a sustainable income for their families.

Made up of grandmothers, some of whom are raising their grandchildren due to the loss of their own children through HIV AIDS, and school drop outs due to early marriage or lack of school fees, these women make variety of items ranging from traditional woven baskets, Maasai beaded sandals, beaded bowls and, of course, the beautifully unique clutch bags we now stock.

The bags are made from woven jute, a traditional Kenyan fabric known as Kikoy, and embellished with Maasai bead decoration.

Each bag is totally individual, the fabric is bold and eye catching, and they come in 4 sizes, perfect to suit your bag filling needs.

Currently for sale in Scotland, the US, and Canada, Six Degrees is exclusively selling them in Hong Kong.

Initial stock is limited so make a statement on your next night out and grab yours today!

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